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México Le vivre pour y croire, Paris 2015

The Mexico Tourism Board opened an interactive exhibition in Paris, which is part of the visit that the country's president, Enrique Peña Nieto, was scheduled for mid-July.


Mexico was the guest country of honor to open the military parade during the celebrations for the National Day of France, on July 14 in Paris.

Visitors who come to the exhibition "Mexico, Le vivre pour and croire" (Mexico, live it to believe it) discovered elements of Mexican culture and gastronomy, history and archeology in an interactive way, with touch screens and virtual simulators .

With this exhibition display, Mexico is further publicize the country to the French, as their tourism is the third largest from Europe after the UK and Spain.

In the words of Gerardo Llanes, representative of the Ministry of Tourism, which attracts the French remains the classic "sun and beach" Cancun (Riviera Maya) but also an important part of tourism is cultural, especially interested in Mexican precolonial history.

As for the cuisine, the exhibition places special emphasis on the famous "taco" explaining the huge variety of ingredients that contain depending on the geographical area.

It is, thus, to make way for France to the Mexican food culture, which is slowly taking presence through chefs like Angel Vazquez and Roberto Solis, who also presented their creations in Paris this month.

The fashion industry, so remarkable in France, is also acquiring Mexican influences, as explained organizers devoted to crafts and costumes of the Aztec country sector.

The most representative areas of the country appear in the exhibition through a virtual screen.

Moreover, the promoters want to highlight lesser known and promote sports activities such as skiing or mountain climbing and ecotourism.

In the exhibition, besides the Tourism Council, involved other agencies such as the Ministry of Economy, ProMéxico (trade sector) or the National Autoparts Industry (INA).