MAPP3D Producciones

ITB 2014

The most important authorities in politics and tourism gave some speeches during the inaugural ceremony. This ceremony was as colourful, festive and fascinating as Mexico and it took place at the International Convention Centre in Berlin.

On the hall of ICC Berlin, were placed 4 spaces introducing Mexico. In this spaces Mexican artisans made artisanal works as warm welcome to the visitors.

Mexico captivated the guests with an amazing entertainment programme, stared by a multimedia show with some traditional elements.

Design and performing arts cooperated creating a fascinating production, which mixed folkloric songs, contemporary dance, ballet and audio-visual elements. All these effects evoked a visual tour around Mexico.

The reception and Networking Event were celebrated after that. These events gave culinary delicacies and a welcome cocktail, where the chef Enrique Olvera delighted the guests.

The Partner country, México, has dazzled visitors during the inaugural ceremony, in the night before ITB Berlin. The country has shown its cultural treasure with an extraordinary multimedia show. Helped by music, handicrafts and gastronomy, México has awoken visitor’s interest in travel to this country with many contrasting features.

Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas – Minister of Tourism Mexico invited everyone to visit her beautiful country and attendees of the ceremony to sample Mexican delicacies as well as the famous Tequila as part of the Mexico.