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Paco Roncero Culinay Workshop

Paco Roncero Culinary Workshop is the result of a dream.
The international chef Paco Roncero have dreamt with a new cuisine which evokes new feelings through the universal language of emotions.

The result is a space full of feelings, which creates multisensory experiences that gastronomy has not produced before.

Designed and built based on the criteria of Integral Sustainability, Design For All and Emotional Engineering, Paco Roncero Culinary Workshop creates an immersive environment that increases the visitors’ sensorial abilities.

The award-winning of two Michelin Stars Three Suns Repsol and National Gastronomy Award 2006, Paco Roncero, has achieved to create that space, which has become a global benchmark of new concepts and models cuisine.

To those who may know this place: it is the place where living the most intense experiences.