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Meet Mexico London - UK/México Dual Year


The event is open to all audiences, this captivating experience has gone over Beijing and Madrid,and it features state-of-the-art innovation that tell Mexico’s story, using cutting-edge modern technology. The dome, which has travelled from Madrid and Beijing, will take visitors on a fascinating journey to this incredible country, beyond imagination.

Guests can feel the rush of riding rapids, soar over Mexico City and be transported into some of Mexico’s world famous sites and bustling cities, through 360 interactive tours and augmented reality.

Also featured within the dome is one of the world’s most unique pieces of art - The "Vochol" – a Volkswagen Beetle decorated with more than two million beads - a feat that took 8 artists over 9,000 hours of work to design and decorate.

Mexico is also incredibly proud of its rich culinary heritage. Notably, it is the only nation to have its cuisine designated by UNESCO as of Intangible Heritage of Humanity. So, after working up an appetite for this vibrant country within the dome, visitors can sample authentic Mexican cuisine outside the exhibition, with fresh market food prepared by acclaimed Mexican restaurant, Wahaca.


Other exciting elements of the exhibition :

Interactive touch screens which display Mexican art through advanced 3D technology
A virtual dressing room, where visitors can virtually try on the latest trends in Mexican fashion and Mexican traditional costumes.
An amazing audiovisual production, using touch screens, to explore a variety of tourist offerings: Culture, Sun and Beach, Adventure and Nature, Business and Luxury.
A 360 virtual tour around the 32 states of Mexico, going over archeological sites, bustling cities and world heritage sites, natural zones, and magical towns
An introductory presentation of Mexico with 11 videos about aerospace engineering, automotive industry, creativity, sustainability, gastronomy, economy and more.
An interactive screen that shows Mexico’s achievements in agriculture, automotive industry, and silver and creative industries.
More than 15 of Mexico’s famous pre-Hispanic devices on display, through the power of holographic imaging.