MAPP3D Producciones

Big Brother 14

Video mapping technique had the leading role during the final programme of Big Brother 14th edition broadcasted by Telecinco.
Mapp3d Productions was the company responsible for setting up the audio-visual elements of the final broadcast programme, including two mapping projections.
One of them was conceived by Zeppelin productions, in order to be projected in the famous Guadalix House. This mapping projection surrounded the 3 finalists (Desireé, Igor and Susana) and by means of this technique the winner, Susana, was announced.
The second mapping projection was projected on the wall of the Mediaset building (at Fuencarral) and this projection welcomed the finalists before entering in the building.

The most spectacular broadcasted programme

Big Brother has become the most watched reality show on the Spanish TV, being this country the only one with a high audience rating during its 14 editions.
This success is based on making small changes to the original format every year, getting innovations to maintain the audience’s interest year after year.
The last editions, the final programmes have been Trending Topic in social networks. However, thanks to the technique used, video mapping, Big Brother 14 has become the most spectacular of the 14 editions.